Terms & Conditions

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  • We don't print Government related documents as License, Voter ID Cards, ATMs or any other kinds of National / International cards.
  • If your order will be placed for government related documents, your amount would be non-refundable on that cases.
  • You may deposit the ordered billing amount as soon as possible (maximum 5 days).  After 5 days your order will be considered as terminated & your order will be deleted.
  • After deposit the ordered billing amount you should send the payment receipt by mail as soon as possible for verifying the details at our end.
  • If you deposited the amount by cash, then you order will not be proceed until we don't get the Inter City Charge would be levied by Bank.


Payment should be 100% advance in favour of Creation Graphics.

Please pay the quoted amount in advance by only NEFT/RTGS online transfer
*(if you are depositing cash in direct bank, then please add Rs. 150 in your total bill amount as Inter City Cash Deposit Charge would be levied by Bank.)

As per your order Quantity minimum printing time 5 days. But it would be (5 – 15 days) with Technical / Non-technical reasons in some condition.